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  • Five guiding principles

    Our Ethos


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Hōkūala is the realization of a vision — one deeply rooted in the landscape, culture, and spirit of the Garden Isle. A community dedicated to sustainability, social responsibility, and stewardship of the land. A microcosm of Kauaʻi’s bounty, where bonds are strengthened, memories made, and the connectedness of all things celebrated.

Flower Mountains to Sea


Kauaʻi is an island of many faces. Hōkūala brings them all together in a breathtaking, 450-acre panorama of sparkling waters, tranquil beaches, bountiful farmlands, winding trails, and plunging sea cliffs.

Flower to play, as in sports or games


Hōkūala invites you to join in. Discover a host of amenities, activities, and experiences unique to Kauaʻi — thoughtfully designed to deepen connections, foster family togetherness, and strengthen the spirit of community through play.

Flower the value of responsibility


Ownership at Hōkūala is an invitation to craft a lasting legacy imbued with the true spirit of aloha. More than just an island escape, a home at Hōkūala represents a deeply rooted kinship with the community on Kauaʻi.

Flower family, extended family, close friends


We embrace our Owners community as family, offering personalized, relationship-based service rooted in the Kauaian concepts of graciousness, kindness, and the cultivation of joyful memories.

Flower utmost care of the land


Reverence for the land is woven into the fabric of the Hōkūala community. We’re committed to sustainable design, eco-sensitive building practices, natural resource preservation, and conservation that honors the natural beauty of Kauaʻi.