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February 16, 2022

As of 2023, The Farm at Hōkūala is officially in its fifth year — and still growing strong! Our trees are maturing, our crops are flourishing, and our Owners’ coconut grove ever-expanding as we welcome new members into our extended ʻohana. We are continually assessing, adapting, and planning for a more sustainable future here on the farm. Read on to learn about just a few of the exciting initiatives we have in the works.

Caring for the Land

In 2022, we began the process of phasing out tilling. Tilling is a conventional farming technique common in large-scale agriculture. And though it’s an effective method for dealing with compacted soil and mass crop production, it often results in less-than-ideal soil conditions — which in turn yields crops with lower nutritional value.

When you till the earth, a mechanical rototiller spins rapidly, blending the soil rather than scooping it. This ripping and shredding unearths once-protected soil, exposing it to the sterilizing effects of the sun. In short, it’s a practice that produces quantity at the expense of quality, and is hard on the delicate ecosystem we have here on Kauaʻi.

Beginning in 2022, we have adopted a more labor-intensive but effective approach for working the land that eschews the damage tilling can do. Our goal is to be more purposeful in caring for this land, building new and healthy soil rather than coasting on reserves. We hope to increase our crop yields year over year to create a surplus capable of serving the island community more broadly.

Farm-to-Table Partnerships

The farm has a very special relationship with Hualani’s, the on-site restaurant nestled within the grounds of Hōkūala’s 450-acre resort community. The relationship truly is a two-way street, with the farm providing seasonal, delicious produce that inspires Chef Zach’s weekly farm-to-table menu.

Meanwhile, the kitchen returns food scraps to the farm for composting, which both enriches our soil and diverts waste from going into a landfill. It’s an ongoing reminder of the ways we are all connected — and how we can work together cooperatively to create a more sustainable future.

Community Gardens

In 2022, we introduced a brand-new initiative here on the farm: community gardens! These raised beds are used for growing seasonal produce and are maintained by staff at the farm, with Hōkūala Owners invited to participate, plant, and enjoy the fruits of our shared labor!

Farm Meets Park

The Farm at Hōkūala is about more than just providing food for our partners at Hualani’s — we’re also all about fostering owner, guest, and community engagement. By purposefully planting in a less commercial layout, we’ve created an inviting landscape with a pleasant, farm-meets-park feel.

In the coming years, we envision a more beautiful, engaging, and complex landscape complete with perennial and annual flowers, along with woody crops to enhance the soil. We invite our Owners and guests to plan a picnic out on the farm, and take advantage of the beautiful backdrop our foliage provides. In the future, we imagine a world of possibilities that blur the line between resort space and working farm, from owner coffee pop-ups to afternoons of frisbee or cornhole.

We hope that you have the opportunity to join us this year to experience The Farm at Hōkūala for yourself. Stay tuned for upcoming happenings and announcements — 2023 is sure to be a momentous year for The Farm at Hōkūala!