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Preferred Vendors

To ensure a seamless process, Pākela ʻIke features a Preferred Vendor Program, bringing together the expertise of renowned architects, designers, landscape architects and builders to help buyers effortlessly custom design their dream Hawaiian oasis. An on-site team has been created specifically to help navigate the permitting and construction process and are available every step of the way through planning, design, permitting and construction.


We have a variety of lenders we recommend for financing your homesite and new home construction build. Please reach out to our team for contact information!

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Pākela ‘Ike Home Design

Pākela ‘Ike offers a residential architectural style that delves deeper into the soul and spirit of the Islands. Whether it’s outdoor private showers amidst exotic foliage, lānai pocket doors that completely erase the lines of indoors and out, or the use of materials, textures or artworks native only to Kaua‘i, all of it ushers in a new interpretation of unscripted barefoot luxury. 

Buyers are provided with thoughtful guidelines to ensure their future homes mirror historic Hawaiian design themes and motifs utilizing natural materials while harnessing the island’s climate to maximize cross ventilation, natural sunlight, and vistas of the ocean, mountains, and the Ocean Course at Hōkūala.

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We invite you to see Pākela ‘Ike for yourself - the most spectacular homesites in all of Hōkūala.

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