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Those that know Hawaii best will tell you that Kauai is the most inviting and accessible of all the islands. It’s easy to get around and even short distances bring dramatic contrasts. From Hokuala in the same time it takes to scoot over to Poipu’s sunny beaches, one can just as easily be hiking through a tropical rainforest on the North Shore. What makes every day special is that every day can be so different.

Kauai Surfer
Learn to surf with family on Kauai.

on the water


Paddle, snorkel, surf, fish, frolic. If water is your muse, this is heaven on earth.

above the surface


Rain forests, soaring waterfalls and inland rivers unique to Kauai – this is the essence of native Hawaii.

Jungle hiking and activities.
Beautiful Kauai ocean photo.



Here the spirit soars, literally. On zip lines through the jungle, helicopters skirting 4,000 ft pali (cliffs), Kauai dazzles with new discoveries.

exploring kauai


Shopping, dining and exploring the scene in Kauai is refreshingly quaint. Craft boutiques, shave ice, and island-roasted coffee… the slow road is the one to take.

Sunset Kauai hiking photo.

LIVE Aloha

Here at Hokuala, the spirit of aloha is in everything we do and represents our connection to the people, land, sea and sky. We were inspired by this article from the The Huffington Post – 5 Ways To Live Life With More Aloha, because everyone can benefit from a little more aloha in their lives.