Exploring Kauai out & about

Shopping, dining and exploring the scene in Kauai is refreshingly – quaint. There are no big cities here, instead, historic villages ring the island, each welcoming with warm smiles,  craft boutiques, shave ice, and island-roasted coffee. On Kauai, the slow road is the one to take.

Girl shopping in Kauai.

hungry for


Perfectly seared ahi wrapped in a green tortilla with rice, cucumber, nori, wasabi cream sauce, pickled ginger and soy sauce. A Mai Tai. Shave ice with fresh syrups for dessert.

It's the right time to indulge

Fresh fruits and lemons.
Kauai fresh coffee beans.

The Meaning of “Hokuala”

In the poetic Hawaiian language Hokuala is the ‘rising star’ and now, our way to say paradise perfected. Indeed, much of the fun is learning a language where the alphabet has 13 letters: five vowels (long and short) and eight consonants, one of them being the ʻokina in Hawaiian. It’s beautiful, each word filled with deep traditions and meaning.